Landcommanderij Alden Biesen is a state cultural centre, conference and seminar centre, is part of the Ministry of Culture, Art & Heritage agency, and is based in a historic castle with a European mission. The centre organizes and runs national and international courses, seminars and conferences and in-service training days for teachers and trainers on European issues, quality care, networking, validation and the use of storytelling in education.

Alden Biesen has coordinated a number of Socrates and LLP projects and networks and provides in-service training on these project themes. The centre runs an international programme on European citizenship and heritage for schools with a focus on culture, heritage and European democratic structures. Alden Biesen also cooperates with the department of Education for the promotion of Comenius and Grundtvig in Flanders.

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Promoting and Validating Key Competences in Mobility and Traineeships in Europe