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PROMOTE @ UB forum

Final results of PROMOTE project were presented in a University-Business forum in Brussels.  Many new interesting ideas and expanding communicate of PROMOTErs. Competence validation system of PROMOTE project were met with great interest from attendants and project final results were published on official Erasmus + website as good example of a successful European initiative.

Final Project conference


The 7th REVEAL conference focusing on competence oriented learning and validation of non-formal and informal learning highlighted the interface between business and academia and in innovative blended learning arrangements that are supported by state-of-the-art learning technologies that facilitate the validation on institutional and individual levels.

Parallel to the conference there was a poster exhibition of the sub-projects carried out in PROMOTE and IMPACT for the winner projects and for OWL.

For more detailed information about the conference refer here.

Project final conference


Don’t miss on Competence Oriented Learning and Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning conference, which will take place on 22nd and 23rd of September 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. We expect experts from science and practice from more than 15 European member states attending the conference. Participants will have an opportunity to see the presentations of informal learning project examples, listen to live discussions between scientists, politicians and business representatives. There will be space for workshops, where new collaboration ideas will be developed. For more information please contact me directly.

For more information see Thessaloniki 2016 and if you wish to attend please register here.

Young people and PROMOTE concept

5Young people who are looking for jobs were introduced to possibilities of applying concepts of validating competences via open learning environment developed during PROMOTE project and obtaining LEVEL5 certificates, which could enrich their CVs. Presentation was carried out by project partner Materahub during the event “Job Lab” of Comincenter in Matera, Italy.

Expanding community of Promoters

PromotersMultipliers event held in Kaunas, Lithuania on 28-29th January, brought together 43 representatives of public authorities, businesses and higher education institutions. Who were trained to implement “new”, competence oriented and “open” ways of learning, teaching and validating competence developments. Event also facilitated experience sharing between professionals from 10 European countries.

Promoters are now ready to test the developed methodology of competence oriented learning!

Moments from University-Business Forum

UB Forum_PromotePROMOTE project presentation titled: “Creating and validating enterpreneurial competencies in informal learning settings” by Dr. Tim Scholze, blinc eG, Germany, stood out from other business and university collaboration cases presented in University-Business forum, with its original and practical approach on how to bridge the gap between education and businesses. It received plenty of attention, interest and questions from forum participants.

PROMOTE as good example in University-Business Forum

IMGP0053The PROMOTE project will be presented by Dr. Tim Scholze, blinc eG, Germany, in the Thematic University-Business Forum as a good example of collaboration between businesses and universities while addressing real-life business issues. This forum looks at how to bridge the gap between education and business. In this context Tim’s presentation will overview the innovative learning approaches developed to promote entrepreneurial competences.

Find out more about the event: www.ubforum-lithuania.eu

Sharing experience from PROMOTE project

Erasmus k_LT_smallPROMOTE project will be presented to higher education institutions from Lithuania as an example of good cooperation between businesses, networks, higher education and other institutions, while promoting and validating competences attained through informal learning with the help of innovative learning approaches.

Event will take place on 17th June, 2015 in Lithuania